10 Hottest Names in Online Dating – Swipe Right


Men and women, both pretend to pay more attention to a persons’ inside beauty and not so much to their outside characteristics. The ugly truth is that everyone is first attracted by elements like outlook, or even name. According to The Grade, a dating app, when it comes to online dating, people with certain names are preferred to the others. For example, the most popular women’s name will be swiped right by 70% of guys, while the least popular ones will only be swiped right by 28%. If you think that it’s easier for the men, you are wrong – the least popular man’s name measured appeared to be Joel, 3% swiped right of the time, compared to the most popular man’s name that has reached a success rate of 24%.

You may say that this is not fair but when facts speak even gods remain silent. Let’s see which are the 10 most popular women name and 10 most popular men name in the incredible world of online dating. Is your name in the list?

10. Katie & Jeff

Katie & Jeff

Source: Shutterstock / Syda Productions

While 61% of the guys will swipe right on women named Katie, 20% of the ladies will do the same to a guy named Jeff. At the same time, it is very likely that a Katie will match to an Eddie, and a Jeff – to Emily. Amusing, isn’t it?