12 Men Before and After Dating Kardashian Women


Ever wondered what it’s like dating a Kardashian? After reading this article, you might just feel differently. While the dating part might be a dream, these sexy Kardashian women have a nasty habit of leaving their exes in the dust, gasping for breath. Check out these images of Kardashian exes and what happened to them after they broke up!

1: Reggie Bush


Reggie Bush

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Reggie Bush

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Reggie and Kim’s relationship was plastered all over the media for a long time until their dramatic break up in 2010. Allegedly, Kim had cheated on the NFL star with none other than her current hubby, Kanye West who was dating Amber Rose at the time. In an intriguing twist, Reggie and Amber apparently hit it off following the big break-up and ended up dating for a while.