17 NBA Players with the Highest Basketball IQs


Basketball is not just about stamina and endurance. It also calls for a great amount of intelligence. Simply put, if you are not smart enough, then your game is bound to fall apart.

As the basketball legend Michael Jordan would put it, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

So what exactly is basketball IQ? Experts define it as “the ability to utilize the fundamentals of the game at a high level” but it also means being able to recognize your teammate’s strengths and being able to unite the team to work effectively and efficiently.

NBA players with the highest basketball IQs are undoubtedly the cream of the crop. They are the most revered personalities in the industry because of the way they use both their brains and bodies on the court. Who do you think made it on the list? Read on to find out!

Chris Paul

Arguably the best point guard in the NBA today, Paul is great on both ends of the court and works like a silent killer. There is no predicting what move he will do next. Clearly, this player uses his smarts to take advantage of his opponents, unlike our next contender (next slide).