1Hottest Pic’s of Katy Perry Online

Katy Perry is loved by millions! We want to share the admiration by showing you pictures from over the years which have left an impression and will likely do so for many more years. Not only is she truly a great performer, but she is also a stunner to look at.

We’ve collected the hottest and best ever photos of the Katy Perry. Feast your eyes on these (click next)

2She Emotionally Connects

Katy Perry singing and smiling

Source: dailymail

This songbird is a beauty to behold. She commands the stage when she performs with her captivating outfits and her sultry voice.

3The Tiger

Katy Perry best dress

Source: sawfirst

Always looking great whenever she has to satisfy her fans. Katy Perry looks super sexy in those ears.

4Elegant and Chic

Katy Perry smiles

Source: celebmafia

The camera is always on and she knows it. Katy Perry looks amazing with her hair up!

5Dark and Seductive

Katy Perry hot

Source: poponandon

Who says black has to be boring? That will never be the case when she is rocking it 🙂

6Cheetah Pride

Katy Perry cool images

Source: taringa

Always embodying nature in her lyrics and her pictures. Isn’t she stunning?

7Fun Alert!

Katy Perry yellow dress

Source: topsocialite

That smile says “I am happy.” Who wouldn’t be? That golden swimsuit and those red lips go perfectly together.

8Sexy is Always In


Performing is all about the art. Katy Perry sure knows how to show off her style.

9Stars for the Star

Katy Perry sad smiling

Source: planetsuzy

No one can deny how beautiful she looks in this White dress. The stars only add to the unique and daring singer we know her to be.

10Time Travel Anyone?

Katy Perry smoking


You know someone is beautiful when their beauty transcends time. Is she rocking this look?

11Fairy-tale Beauty

Katy Perry big smile

Source: listal

Whether long or short her hair pulls attention. Isn’t her hair the epitome of glamour?

12Enchanting Eyes

Katy Perry beautiful eyes

Source: allcelebsfree

Those eyes are saying a lot more than she bargained for. Sexy! The makeup is perfect as always.

13Being Cute

Katy Perry lovely dress

Source: santabanta

Who says legs don’t pop in photos anymore? Katy Perry does it and she still looks hot!

14Sultry Siren

Katy Perry red hot

Source: pandawhale

Red looks good on her. Every curve is emphasized and her legs look amazing.

15Cheers anyone?

Katy Perry showing everything

Source: dailymail

Whether silver or gold, whatever she sings become a hit and whatever she wears looks great.

16Sweet Performance

Katy Perry sings

Source: jezebel

You love her because she appeals to both the child and the adult in you. Gum anyone?

17Lady Perry

Katy Perry in black

Source: enelshow

Blue polka dots and purple hair. She is always mixing colors and it always come together well.

18Power in Her Eyes

Katy Perry stylish

Source: reddit

Pink looks good on Perry and her look says ask me whatever you want to know. What do you want to know?