21 Mysterious Facts You Didn’t Know About Beyoncé


“Oh, come on, Beyoncé is everywhere, I read about her all over the media!”, you may complain. But, be honest, isn’t she the most successful superstar on the global pop scene that makes women envy her and men – dream of her perfect body, perfect hair, perfect face? Showbiz is a jungle and the fact that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter managed to maintain her public image immaculate for so long time is enough to deserve our admirations. Much has been said and written about this Diva, however, we may be just about to surprise you! Are you ready to learn which exactly are those 21 facts that you probably didn’t know about your favourite singer? Have a seat and enjoy!

1. There is this case during a ‘Star Search,’ the largest TV show at that time, when ‘Girls Tyme,’ the group of the 12-year old Beyoncé, beat ‘Skeleton Crew.’ The rock musician were truly surprised by that and yet their were feeling that it will happen. “I told the guys in the band to pack after the rehearsal because there’s no way we’re going to beat them,” confessed band vocalist William Pilipchuk. “They’re too cute.”

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Source: theboombox