7 Reasons We Are Obsessed with ESPN’s Director of New Media


At 27, most people are doing normal things like starting to get serious about their careers or have just started to make a dent in paying back their student loans.

Not Gabriel Marinkovich, a 27 year old, self taught, digital marketing influencer and now the youngest executive ever to be hired by ESPN. Gabriel’s company (Nitrous Marketing) was already in a strategic partnership with ESPN before being appointed as the Director of New Media.

With his new position he will now receive an annual salary and has also likely negotiated an equity split. Gabriel has been instrumental force behind the scenes in promoting multiple successful projects such as ‘First Take’ and ‘Mike & Mike’.

We found out that he created an Instagram account and it is an undiscovered gem. He is probably the most unusual and interesting character we’ve covered in the corporate world. We put together a list of 7 reasons you should follow the New Media Director at ESPN!

1. He spent his entire childhood on the run from the FBI

Thankful that I was finally extradited..

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He spent his entire childhood being smuggled by his mother from country to country (sometimes in suitcases) under false identities and was on the FBI, Spains, Swedens, and Scotland Yards most wanted list. His mother was finally found and arrested for auction charges and Gabriel was extradited back to the United States

2. He’s gets around:

We counted the countries he has posted from and there has been over 27 countries so far! What we love is that he clearly doesn’t travel for the gram, his travel pictures are always random and look like they could have been shot with a flip phone.

3. He evokes #bookgoals

We aren’t sure if this routine is intentional, but every friday he posts a review of the book he finished that week. Since creating his page 2 months ago he has already read 8 books!

4. He’s a New Yorker
It looks like even new yorkers visit time square every now and then..

5. Did we mention he travels a lot?

If you ever need travel inspiration..

6. He’s drinking buddies with the Scottish Prime Minister

Wearing a plain White T Shirt out to dinner with the Prime Minister of a country… #Epic…

7. Aaaand Cuba Gooding Jr…

From growing up on FBI’s most wanted list and being smuggled in suitcases to being the youngest executive of an international corporation and hanging out with Prime Ministers, Gabriel’s story is inspiring for anybody trying to make the best of their circumstances. We reached out to him for an interview and are waiting for a response, in the meantime we will continue to follow his gram and post any interesting updates we see