Boycotting Target? Better Stop Shopping At All These Places Too…Oh, And Drop That Starbucks Latte.

LGBT-Friendly Companies

Target’s recent decision to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms that matches their gender has had people up in arms, in fact over half a million people have promised to boycott the store nation-wide.

If you’re one of those 500,000 anti-transgender people, we want to make sure you’re well informed about all the other companies that you’ll want to boycott too! Here’s a day in the life of the true #BoycottTarget follower:

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Let’s start with breakfast and your morning coffee: No, don’t stop off at the drive thru for your daily McMuffin and a grande White Mocha, ’cause McDonald’s and Starbucks are transgender-friendly! Better stick to a nice bowl of cereal…oh wait, Kellogg and Kraft like transgenders too.

Cereal GIF

Planning on driving to work? We sure hope you’re not the proud owner of a Ford, Nissan or Toyota, because you wont be proud for very long when you learn about their stances on the LGBT community.

Did you enjoy your walk to work? Well, now its time to make some important phone calls to your anti-trans buddies. But drop that iPhone and don’t bother borrowing your co-workers Samsung Galaxy Edge either, since both companies support LGBT rights, in fact Samsung signed a petition for gay rights in Texas just last year!

Ron Burgundy Phone SmashIt’s been a long day and you plan on hitting the gym, but you’ll have to visit the shoe store on the way since your favorite Nikes will have to be nixed. And hey, don’t bother paying for those new kicks with your plastic since Visa, Mastercard and American Express…no we’re not kidding…are all transgender-friendly too!

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Ah, home sweet home. Watching the TV might be your usual evening activity, but forget DirecTV and keep your DVD player clean of those horrible pro-transgender movie production companies: sinister Sony, despicable Disney and wily Warner Bros.! Surf the Internet inste…no, no, just unplug everything. We forgot all about trans-friendly Comcast, Time Warner and AT&T.

computer_smash_WahlbergLet’s face it, with all these mainstream companies taking pro-LGBTQ stances, you might as well just go and live in the Yukon, drink water from a well, cook over a fire and keep all your hard-earned cash in a piggy bank under your bed (which better not be from IKEA!). You might not get to be part of the #BoycottTarget buzz but there’s nothing like really living out what you believe!