CinemaCon 2016: Photographers Flash J-Law and Benedict Cumberbatch Takes on The Grinch

Lawrence, Cumberbatch

This year’s CinemaCon was an unforgettable event, but amidst a boat load of new movies and exciting news, it was Jennifer Lawrence that stole the show…or at least the red carpet!

Beloved J-Law appeared in a gorgeous black dress, but when photographers’ flashes started going off, they got more than they bargained for, since Jennifer’s dress became almost transparent!

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We’re not quite sure if she knew it was going to happen, but the budding actress certainly showed off more that just her new silver-blond up-do, as you can see pictured above!

In other news, as if a dragon, an alien and a high-functioning sociopath detective weren’t enough, an announcement at CinemaCon revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch will be going green and taking on The Grinch next Christmas!

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Over a hundred new upcoming movie were announced at this year CinemaCon, many of which are slated for late 2016 and early 2017, and include another Spider-Man film, four more Avatar sequels and MIB 23  – that’s right, Men in Black meets 22 Jump Street!