Emilia Clarke Wants More Male Nudity on Game of Thrones #FreetheP!

Emilia Clarke on The Late Late Show
Source: Screenshot

Game of Thrones cast member, Emilia Clarke, wants to see more men stripping down on the show to equalize the amount of male and female nudity.

The much-loved HBO show had been guilty of 30 counts of female nudity so far, while there have been a total of just two “dangler” displays!

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“I feel like there’s a little bit of inequality between the amount of nudity that happens with women – this woman in particular – and what happens with the other guys,” Clarke told James Corden on The Late Late Show.

It’s not hard to understand her sentiment since Clarke’s character, Daenerys Targaryen, has been the one to bare her breasts (and sometimes more) on many an occasion throughout the shows five seasons so far.

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“I just think that that should be even. Free the P!”

Clarke and Corden have since managed to turn her hopes for more penis into a hashtag, #FreetheP, that spent a few hours trending on Twitter shortly after the show!