Female Sports Reporters Hear Horrible Tweets From Real Men in #MoreThanMean [Video]

Source: attn.com

Ready for one of the most awkward things you’ll ever watch? Brave sports reporters, Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro, sat through a long session in which men read out just a few of the many disgusting tweets and comments that online users have written about these two women, to their faces.

The awkward, cringe-worthy video is a disappointing glimpse into the way many women in sports are harassed online by cowards who would never dare to say such things in person.

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Despite the infuriating comments, we think the video is also a great display of just how respectful some people can be. From each reader’s inability to meet Sarah and Julie’s eyes, to the sweat dripping down foreheads and honest apologies at the end, its clear that at least for these particular guys, this kind of treatment of women is not OK!