Fifty Shades of…What? These Twitter Quotes Will Have You In Stitches!


If you haven’t seen this Twitter account, it’s time we got you all caught up. With the overwhelming popularity of both the book and movie versions of Fifty Shades of Grey and one sexy sequel currently in the works, naturally there are plenty of parodies and jokes floating around the Internet. But none are quite so side-splittingly funny as 50 Nerds of Grey!

50 Nerds of Grey
Source: Twitter

The account was started in September 2015 by an anonymous user from Milton Keynes in England. During an interview via phone, the user confessed it was his mother who had encouraged him to open the account to improve his social life, which apparently has been fairly none existent for most of his life! Well, evidently mother knows best since the account gained close to 40,000 follower in the first week alone!

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Though plenty of parodies have been created, this one has gained the most popularity and some say these tweets are better written than the book itself!

50 Nerds of Grey
Source: Twitter

This anonymous and witty British user has gained more than 100,000 followers of Twitter and has even turned his popular tweets into an amusing book.

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When the British newspaper, Daily Mail asked him how it was he managed to garner such a following, he replied:

I can only assume it’s down to my excellent spelling and fastidious approach to punctuation,’ he mused. ‘That or my raw animal sexuality.

Fifty Shades of Lego
Source: Twitter