How This Genius Glass Blunt Is Disrupting the $1.5 Billion Dollar Blunt/Joint Wrap Industry


This 'Glass Blunt' Puts A Twist On Your Average On-The-Go Smoke

This ‘glass blunt’ makes smoking on the go much easier

Posted by NowThis Weed on Thursday, October 6, 2016

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As cannabis moves into the mainstream, all sorts of things are changing. Not only is weed legal and therefore easier to get in more places than ever before, but the ways we smoke are changing too. One of the coolest new smoking devices to show up recently is the Twisty Glass Blunt made by 7Pipe. This thing will fundamentally change the way you think about smoking blunts and joints.

The Twisty Glass Blunt is one of the coolest new smoking devices

The Twisty Glass Blunt is a thick and durable glass cylinder that comes with a long screw that fits down inside the pipe. The device has been receiving rave reviews by customers everywhere, it packs and burns perfectly like smoking a luxurious glass cigar.

To use the Twisty, just load up to 1.5 grams of ground up weed into the glass pipe. Then twist in the insertable screw piece. As it twists its way into the pipe, the weed will automatically wrap around the screw.

When you’re ready to puff, just light the end and go to town. To ash your burned out herb, twist the screw clockwise and it will push the ash out the end of the pipe. As soon as the ash is twisted out, the screw delivers up a fresh batch of herb, ready for another clean smoke.

The Twisty Glass Blunt Features

There are definitely a bunch of gimmicky, bull sh*t weed products out there. But this isn’t one of them. This thing is truly revolutionary, and it just might blow your mind.

It completely eliminates the need to ever use rolling papers again. All you have to do is pour in some herb, twist the screw, and you’ve got a perfectly rolled blunt that burns for hours — thanks to an infinite cherry technology.

The Twisty Glass Pipe design allows for it to fit right into any 14MM traditional bong. Just dump in your herb, twist in the screw, insert the whole thing into your favorite bong, and take a hit. It’s much more than just another glass piece. It’s the innovative new future of joint rolling and blunt smoking.


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