Move Over Kardashians, There’s A New Hottie In Town!

Mimi Elashiry

OK, so maybe she’s not quite from “town” in fact half a world away would be more correct, but 19-year-old Australian model Mimi Elashiry is making waves in the modeling industry.

Dubbed Australia’s first InstaModel, Elashiry took a somewhat alternative route into her modeling career by posting stunning images of herself, like the ones above, all over her Instagram profile.

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In her hometown of Sydney, Australia and even abroad, Elashiry was turned down by numerous modeling agencies and was told on a number of occasions that she was “too short to be a model.”

But despite the discouraging feedback, 5’6″ Elashiry continued to post her photos to Instagram and over time managed to gain a massive 800,000 followers, earning her the attention of some major brands including Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Diesel.

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The talented young model is now living the high life in Los Angeles, working under Next Model Management. She’s living proof of the power that social media has in our lives and we hope you’ll share her story to inspire others that they can do the same!

Mimi Elashiry
Source: Instagram