Taylor Swift Let Us Into Her House And What We Found Was Awesome!

Taylor Swift's Music Room
Source: Screenshot/Vogue

For an interview with Vogue this year, Taylor Swift decided to open up her home and invite the magazine in for a little tour! What they found in Taylor’s gorgeous Beverly Hills home was both intriguing, surprising and a even a little bit romantic.

The tour begins in Taylor’s favorite part of the house, her music room. Complete with a beautiful piano and her guitar, the room, pictured above, is the spot where Taylor composed many of her most popular songs. Taylor admits that “All Too Well” was the hardest song she’s written since it was an emotional roller-coaster for the young star.

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As the tour moves into the kitchen, Taylor reveals that since her favorite drink is coffee, she owns three different coffee machines so she can have exactly what she’s in the mood for! (Did we mention the VMA award nestled between an espresso machine and a coffee pot?)

A few more minutes into the interview and one thing is abundantly clear, Tay-Tay really likes her current boyfriend, Calvin Harris! Not only did he plant an olive tree in her garden as a Christmas present, she has even adorned her walls with quotes to, from and about him. How romantic!

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Naturally, the conversation soon turns bizarre, with a completely random guy hanging out in a lawn chair who asksĀ  Taylor advice on anniversary destinations!

Interviewer: “What advice do you have for aspiring singers?” Taylor: “Um…Get a good lawyer!”

We had fun exploring Taylor’s beautiful Beverly Hills pad, in all its cat-adorned glory. No matter how weird she gets, and whether or not she really turns up to the Met Gala “dressed as a robot and carrying a sword,” we love our Tay-tay and we’re pretty sure you do too!