Get ready for a SNEAK PEEK into the top 5 ‘ADULTS ONLY’ summer camps across America!


#5: Albany, New York

Albany_New_york_Adult_CampWho knew tucked away in the woods of Albany, NY one would find a legit ‘Throw Back’ camp! This isn’t your ordinary weekend get-a-way; so leave the butlers, laptops & dry clean only attire at home. When you sign up for this BOOZE-SOAKED CO-ED adult adventure, your daytime activities are paired with a plethora of Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, beer, wine & cocktails. Lets not forget the scheduled happy hours and dance parties until 2am! So put your game face on and be ready for the good old camp classics like capture the flag, arts and crafts, water sports, talent shows AND MORE! This all inclusive weekend camp (we are talking lodging, roundtrip transportation, meals & OPEN BAR ALL WEEKEND) is only $475 and takes place in New York. So all of you living on the east coast, clear your schedules and mark your calendars because May has come and gone BUT you can register NOW for the Southwoods Camp on Sept 4th-7th. This camp may be awesome but it doesn’t compare at all compare to the next camp on our list!