Top Senior Pranks from Across the USA


As each school year comes to an end a mythical torch is passed on from one senior class to the next; leaving the class of 2016 with the responsibility to supersede and uphold a MAJOR high school tradition… THE SENIOR PRANK! This unspoken pastime represents the final farewell from the students to the staff with an underlying ‘Thank You’ or an ‘Eff- You’ for guiding them thru the past 4 years of the most mentally, physically & emotionally substantial memory making years of their lives! The Peekworthy team has compiled some of the most hilarious senior pranks across the globe for you and your friends to reminisce on the good ‘ol days and possibly throw some knowledge at the class of 2016 to ensure their prank can be a memorable one. Our only advice to all you peek worthy pranksters is… STAY OUT OF JAIL!!